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"Gay Dating Simulator" - Coming out on Top #01 [Visual Novel Let's Play]

Whew, Brad is finally in the hands of an editor now! Shakes fist at his troublesome ass. His story took way longer than I expected due to the amount of rewriting he needed. The bad news: I've still got to wrap up the other remaining love interests, so it's still going to be a while. The good news: Brad's storyline necessitated the most rewriting and reworking, so I'm anticipating things will move faster for the remaining boys.

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At this point, I've got Jed, Phil, and Ian to wrap up, from the order of who needs the most work to who needs the least. Given how things are going at the moment, I've planned on releasing another build to forum members on August 31st. After getting their feedback, I'll release another build for ALL Kickstarter backers shortly afterwards.

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Hopefully, the game will be ready after those two rounds of testing. Either way, it will be out by the year end. Thanks for stopping by, folks. Working hard to finish this and will post another progress report August 1st.

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I normally don't post other games in this space, but just letting you know Moacube's developing a GORGEOUS visual novel, a murder mystery set in a frozen fantasy world. So if you've got a chance, please check out Solstice , now up on Greenlight. Of the two main protagonists, one if them is gay. Hurrah for more inclusive games! Hope to see this voted up on Steam! Jun 1, Hey folks! Letting you know I'm hard at work finishing this up. Things tend to get really quiet with me especially when I've got my head down and I'm concentrating on story and choices.

This month was about trying to fix some major Brad issues.

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This freaking dude has been the bane of my existence lately. Does he look like the cooperative sort? I was hoping to finish him up earlier, but I had to revise the main branch of his story line significantly. I'll stick the earlier one in the artbook that will be released once the game's complete. Then you can all laugh and shudder with relief it's gone.

In any case, I'm super thrilled with where Brad's story's at now. Anyway, this game will be released this year for sure. As to when, I can't say until I've completely finished wrapping up all the choices for each of the guys.

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Once that's done I'll announce a date. Update 20 For backers only. Apr 13, Recommended 14 May, Recommended 9 May, Recommended 6 April, Recommended 30 March, Recommended 27 January, Recommended 25 December, Informational 23 March. Play as a male character with three male romance options. Adult content accessible via a free patch.

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Informational 21 March. Unspecified gender protagonist with male and female romance options. Player chooses gender of the protagonist and has love interests of varied genders. Informational 6 March.

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Play as a male or female protagonist with male and female romance options. Informational 4 March. Informational 10 February. Informational 6 February.

STONE is a heartfelt story with a splash of comedy, a fun romp hampered only by its connect-the-dots gameplay. Informational 3 February. Play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, or asexual.

Coming Out On Top - A Gay Dating Sim Video Game by Obscura — Kickstarter

Informational 12 January. Player choice between male or female protagonist, with male and female romance options. Informational 27 December, Players take the role of a customized male protagonist with male and female romance options.