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Intro reopens site G0Y? No-Apology God Hates: Flame 'n Fags Head's up Dad! Make'n L 0 ve Pedastery? Before touching base with anyone, you may want to build a web based e-mail account like those at gmail. Your Alias address will take the form of "YourChoice" g0ys. Plain and Simple: The g0y philosophy goes far beyond simply opposing Anal 'sex'. The aspects of Brotherhood, Camaraderie, Trust and Respect, Spiritual and Moral Strength, are all aspects that share an equal, if not greater prominence aside from the issues of Responsible Health and Sexual Practices.

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It soon became very clear to me the the author of the g0ys site had done his homework, because I couldn't refute anything that he said Biblically. I enjoy men who are masculine and drama free Joining this group will help me. Reading the g0ys. Thanks for the link to the FROT site.

Thought I was a complete anomaly - not wanting anal sex. Thank you my friend. Always looking to meet more guys like me: I have never been part of the "scene" I'm just a dude that's into other dudes. I'm also a collage student.

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As a g0y, The reason why I'll join this group is to be free, to be my true self and never have to live a lie again. I've incredible appreciation for my fellow man and enjoy very close bonding and more with him. I do not "get" the gay thing.

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I've a military background and very private about what I like. I'm just a Christian guy who loves another Christian guy and knows that there can be good and decent love between guys. I have always felt I was bi because that was the only label that was close to describing how I see myself. I am, in fact, very G0Y. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in my attitudes. For a long time, I thought I was gay. But I've come to realize that I'm actually g0y.

I would like to meet others like me, so I'm identifying and joining g0y networking groups. I am a masculine man that detests and is completely repulsed by the sign of anything effeminate or gender-portraying oppositional chosen behaviors. I identify with the g0y philosophy rather than the weirdness of gay men, and I live in the Las Vegas area. I was directed to this group from another site, and I have to say I think it's freaking fantastic that there are guys out there who feel the same way! I'm a g0y teen guy who is looking for other g0ys to talk to about everything.

I'm really interested in psychology and politics. I've read all the content on g0ys. I have been looking for this for 25 years. Bless u. I've have never identified with being "Gay". I despise anal interaction and crave a real respectful connection with anyone I'd want to get intimate with. I just stumbled across this group today and was hugely relieved when I read the description. That is me to a tee. I think fit guys are hot and I think germs and shit are gross. I had never even heard of the term "g0y" before stumbling onto this group one night!

It's amazing. Good on you! Do you know how long we've been waiting for this! Seldom is a prophet recognized in his own time.. I recognize you The g0y website brought me back to God It was a building block that brought me out of the World, in the biblical sense that is Hi I enjoyed because I find your site awesome!

Yes I'm bisexual but has to repress those same gender feelings because of the leftist Gay movement why I prefer to be more straight instead.

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I'm from west Los Angeles. You are right about this website being unique. Long overdue for honoring each other's being.

It is like honoring any wildlife animal or plant giving their space. I do feel more relaxed now and will search for friendships. I just learned about this today--I've been trying to find like-minded brothers out there in "gay" groups and I just wasn't finding it. This is an awesome site--thank you a hundred times to its creator. I am a 40 year old happy married man with 4 children from the state of Pa.

USA but have felt attracted to the male body as well. Was not able to find what I was looking for until I came across this group. I've been attracted to other guys since an early age.

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I've always backed away from any relationship because I didn't want anything to do with "anal. I put my arms around and hugged him and asked if he was ok. He was fine. He did not reject the hug and seemed to enjoy it. I know the hug felt right to me. I am a normal guy, who has a bud who is straight.

I would like to hold him and kiss him and massage him and love him but I have no desire to poke my dick in his ass. Hi -- I think this is an awesome movement -- totally what I think I might be in to. Sure glad I came across your post. The first time I stumbled across your site, i was awe-struck, as i read further, i honestly started crying I can't say I agree with everything that the site presents, but I am one of those dudes that is attracted to dudes, but pluggin a butthole is the furthest of my interests.

While I like a nice phat booty, the thought of sticking my thing in there isn't appealing. It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there who sees the degradation in that act. I agree with everything you said. I got married to be "cured" and after 27 years of marriage I decided the "cure" did not take. I wish I had the information this site provides prior to thinking the only option I had was to get married and hope the desire to have sex with another man would go away.

I never considered myself gay and after finding what g0y is, I thought that better described myself, although I still throught myself more on the straight side of g0y.

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New to G0yz group. Delighted to learn of other men who can be trusted in understanding that your male bud is NOT to be used as female. This is amazing and very cool. I am honerd to join you all. Thanks so much.

Wow, i really enjoyed reading your profile and website, i'm a g0y! Well, take care I put the g0ys. I've never had anal sex and never will. I finally read what I've been thinking about for years. Thanks - Ed wow.. I just read the website Would have saved alot of hell living as a gay man I hate.

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I've never heard of this group before. I grew up in a very conservative Christian home, but feel attracted to guys. I don't fit in to the gay scene and so this post answers a ton of questions. I am glad i found they g0ys. I have sent the arguments to my old church, and they couldn't refute it! I had no idea this movement was in existence.

It makes so much sense, and frankly gives me relief to know it. Thank you for introducing me to the philosophy. It makes perfect sense, and it's what I've felt. I agree with all its premises from what I can tell. This is why I am still alive today. Never got the I have been G0Y aware only about three years.