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Published by besche. Download Download video in p quality Leave a comment Comments 6. Naked Boys Singing! More Guys Chat with x Hamster Live guys now! Comments 6 Spam comments 0. Please log in or register to post comments. July 14, at 2: Maybe www xxx video hd dnaget should check out: September 24, at 7: November 22, at 6: Hey, I know what hr going through is real. I hear them this moment also. I know u wrote this post awhile ago. U still out there? They see thru my eyes, manipulate my dreams, threaten me, keep me awake at night. Sometimes they are nice.

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November 22, at 7: November www xxx video hd dnaget, at 4: Ok people here is what is going on. If you are hearing very monotone voices which are magnified by a radiating noise source such as a fan or an air conditioner, sound familiar, which are www xxx video hd dnaget your thoughts here is how they do it. Once you become atuned to this radio signal, shortwave radio, you can then start hearing other peoples talking to you, sound familiar, then they communicate with you constantly in a very sick game to try to ruin your life. Once Moms Training hear this it follows you sex tycoon games where because it is a shortwave radio signal that they connect to to torture people.

They can induce panic attacks in you because your brain is interpreting the radio signal in the same way it is being broadcast they work themselves up into a frenzy and then are broadcasting a signal that y our brain interprets as you should be panicked and that is how it is done. January 1, at 6: I am going to the media. I recently contacted the Civil Rights Division, and several Civil Rights leaders that are investigating my claims.

Say this no mother son hentai game formed against me shall prosper, over and over and believe it. February 5, at This crap is getting worse and worse. Tell every one of your situation and tell them again. The devil is doing his job. Stealing killing destroying this is the time xxx are living in. We have to, it www xxx video hd dnaget critical that we the victims stand strong and together.

February 15, at Turn to Jesus who waa tortured just www xxx video hd dnaget us all.

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Just before thiese terror tactics happened. The Holy Spirit told me to be at peace. I understand why a Believer must be at peace. If you are not. Then you will not survive. Recommendations of A Peaceful Scripture is 91 Psalm. You Can research more. And Prayer groups on phone. Describe what is going on with you publically on Facebook if You care to be on it. Say is it my imagination or has www xxx video hd dnaget heard of anything like this…… Let it be known to people and someone somewhere wi respond like now. See if you can write an Article in Newspaper About it.

If enough people write about it,something must be done. Believe your prayer request ivdeo be answered. Read Peaceful and healing Scriptures Bible. And Lastly, I am a massage therapist and Alternative medicine researcher. Take Magnesium 1 before bed sleep. And magnesium delivers oxygen to the brain. And Valerian Roots gets you a good night sleep. It helps us to think clearly and keeps us on our toes during the day, as to prevent any deppression or negative moves on our part.

God will help us. Stay with groups of people and do not be alone going out at night.

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I am goung through the same thing. God Bless and keep all of you safe out there. Dose tht medicine hve any side effect. Nd i m hveng wt my child too its like he also play mind tricks by listerning to thm. I collect all the documents papers of cheating papers as prove bt he wll move it whn i m around nd say smethngs which i hvent done or did whch loses my temper cz i m agaist lie.

February 22, at 3: We need to unite and fight back.

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This is fucked up bullshit. October 21, at 1: December 2, at 5: December 11, at January 20, at Justin Lindblom starrrtefrtgvggffjjfe Its true even Www xxx video hd dnaget Daughter for dessert chapter 1 started this shit, Justin Lindblom is a murderer and he recriuted my good friend Glenn Tojoy, which hes a hater now.

He loves god, not now he doesnt. January 24, at 2: These people are usually trying to protect their criminal activities. Its usually a neighborhood family business.

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They have officers like watchers mind reader s and spiritual workers living next to you. Their job is your every move. Almost like writing www xxx video hd dnaget book. As soon as you learn their games go online to crime stoppers. Www xxx video hd dnaget will save you. January 29, at I think this all started with the jacksons. March 2, at 2: March 12, at 9: Let me type email me I got eVidance lots. April h, at 8: May 12, at 6: Definitely real and true. Hospital for gravely disabled.

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  4. May 27, at 5: I adult sex simulation games through the exact same thing. I almost lost my mind. In and out of mental hospital where they still harrassed me. It haunts me eveyday. September 19, at 5: Giving www xxx video hd dnaget to them gives them power to keep doing it to people at will. These are seriously sick safistic muscle head losers that can kill me, or push me to, but www xxx video hd dnaget will never get me to lie about myself to let them feel like they did nothing wrong. September 26, at 7: October 10, at 8: I have known I was being electronically tortured for a long time but not known the word for it.

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    I have been hospitalized for depression and the last time was vodeo delusional because the doctor decided what I was describing was impossible. Now I am afraid that if I talk about it I will be www xxx video hd dnaget. I almost www xxx video hd dnaget will be punished for writing this. I have no internet at home and my email password has changed and so much more been done to try to keep me isolated. I do still have access porn game meet and fuck my facebook account. October 10, at 9: December 18, at 8: December 18, at 9: January 16, at 7: I moved away from our small hometown for 28 years and when I divorced I came back I ran into him and dated him for two years.

    June 20, at 3: I want to let you know you not alone. Your email stand out to me. You will find help.

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    Do not give up God is for you. Please share your details with me again, I still need more evidence of others YOU being in the same situation I am with no doubt. Please also tell me advise what you have done or where I can get help to bring this out in the open. January 30, at 4: My name is Jeffery Brian Bahry I am a 48 yr. July 15, at 5: I am sorry for this experience.

    I truly wish we www xxx video hd dnaget all relaeved and live our lives the way people www xxx video hd dnaget. But I was fortunate enough that a law enforcement agency took on my case and led an investigation to the end that stopped that torture. Please email me at masha. I may be able to direct you to the right resources taht may help you. Keep sww fighting and aimamaila. July 15, at September 18, at dnzget November 21, at 9: Yep i believe you guys same is happening to me.

    January 20, at 4: October 4, at 9: The vigilante s are the local law enforcement. To back up my torment vide mental abuse. October 11, at 5: March 9, at 9: It is unfortunately something I have been forced to experience as a victim girl xxx over two years, and am currently trying to keep my head above water, as they keep raising the water level so to speak.

    They are also doing this actively to my grandfather but as the many www xxx video hd dnaget and posts illustrate of what may seem to be outlandish claims, I can appreciate, as someone actively experiencing this, the situations, interactions, fears, and the descriptive nature of each individual victim parallels that of all the others. These dnsget are from innocent Americans who vldeo had their civil liberties and rights violated, their privacy extinguished, and their psyche tormented.