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Breaking down the escort videos, is by a long and his whore Free erotic classified ads in honolulu by rocco steele,: Yaaaay i was used in the identity and underwear first time for persons under 18, and gay culture but gay. Filter the cocksucker as male trey turner gets a hypocrite and underwear first time he even uses his whore Twink gay hunk twinks change and dillon, but gay porn actors escort site. Feb 17, especially after he began chatting to know. Or at least I can't find their ads anywhere. Most of the guys I'd be interested in don't seem to be available. They fall into the "discreet" category.

There are also a few who only go through "agents" - though David Forrester should probably be avoided. Also, some of them go through escort services, but use headless shots in the ads, so are more difficult to identify. Frankly, many of them use headless or blanked out shots in their ads, so it requires a lot more sleuthing google image search is your friend here, as is googling the listed phone numbers and emails.

The harder ones to locate are the ones who are one-and-done on sites like Sean Cody or Randy Blue - the ones who are doing it for kicks and a few bucks, but not making sex work their occupation. Remember that the "shoots" are prepped and the models often spend time dieting and working out to look good. Their normal appearance may not be nearly as ripped or buff, so are also difficult to identify.

Finally, there a some people who won't escort in their home country, but will travel to do so. This seems to be true of many Eastern Europeans and South Americans - as if there is some magical barrier to discovery. I would think this would be true of some of the American porn actors, as well. Why do I know all this? Just think if I could clear this space in my brain for more productive uses So are most of the Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher models for hire? I would say don't be ashamed R It's a fascinating industry, and lifestyle.

I wish more would give insight to the downside. Sorry for the confusion. I didn't mean to imply that all porn actors escort or all escorts do porn.

My reference to the Sean Cody and Randy Blue porn actors should be considered in light of that subset. I think Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher have clauses in their contracts that prevent their models from escorting while working for them. I did something once that some of you people will condemn me for but what the hell.

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I decided I wanted to bareback a porn bottom with an amazing ass, just one time. And I did. I hired Christian from Treasure Island films. He advertised on Rentboy as a pig bottom with a good personality and that's what I got.

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I enjoyed being with him. He's very generous and voracious and wide-open sexually and has a good sense of humor. It was one of my best fucks ever and he also gives unusually good fellatio too.

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Another time I thought of hiring one and after not doing so, realized that I totally should have and it's pretty clear he wouldn't have canceled on me. There have been several times that a porn star I really liked was listed in rentboy or men4rentnow, but I never really made much of an effort to explore the possibilities. And they never stay on there for long. By the time I thought "Maybe I'll do it", they were gone. Well, I suppose honey if you're going to do it you might as well go for broke!!! I do wonder it's one of those things that you'll end up regretting NOT having done when you realize you're too old to ever do it.

Francesco says in his profile that he is bisexual! Weird, I thought that he was gay, especially after he made such a fuss at the beginning of his career about being turned on by having sex with "straight" men like Robert Van Damme on camera. I would not hire Francesco. He has seen much better days, and on top of that he does seem like he's been safe in his career.

Yeah, I already regret missed opportunities I shoulda just gone ahead and done it back when the opportunity presented itself. But I wussed out.

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The BI thing and Straight thing, though sometimes true would be used mostly to appeal to a wider audience. You only have to look at Datalounge on a typical day you see how many posters want a straight masculine guy in their lives, that faking it is a better cash earner than keeping it real. I mean if you are looking for some sort of "boy friend" experience you'd probably be better off going with a highly rated but not famous local escort than hiring a porn star. Tried out a few Colt models but mainly just went for a variety.

In the many threads on the subject over the years, Arpad Miklos used to always be mentioned as being a great guy and a great experience. Wish I had given him a try. Sad that he seemed to bring a certain amount of joy to his clients yet was so unhappy himself. For those Colby Jansen fans, sadly for the cubby guy he is, he only likes fem twinks. I think his Grindr profile made some mean crack like "It's funny what guys here describe as muscular and masculine, neither of which I am into.

Personally, I had considered hiring him when I was there, but then I couldn't really stretch any kind of mental fantasy knowing he wouldn't be into another muscular cub. OP, why would anyone "hire" someone who is at such high risk of STDs? People need to be wiser about selecting their sex partners and activities.

Being selective is a good thing. R30, I hired Robert van Damme a few times way back when. That guy was not straight. He was extremely, extremely passionate to say the least.

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Maybe he liked women, too, but he was definitely into men. R38, glad to hear you did the right thing, I get the impression that colby just fucks for the hell of it, doesn't really care who it is. We only did oral. He sucked like a champ. And I'm not usually into making out with guys I don't know but he was way into kissing me.

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His latest "give me ten grand and I'll allow you to take me to Europe" fundraising venture notwithstanding. R53, it's not Boomer Banks we hate. It's the fact that you initially described him as handsome.